The lessons and their activities are designed to produce the maximum effect on the student. As they learn to write the different compositions, they also acquire writing skills that they can apply in their lives. Writing compositions has the advantage of improving grammar, spelling, flow of sentences and paragraphs, by the use of sentence connectors. The student will have the advantage of acquiring social skills as they work in groups.


The aim of the activity was the creation of a 10 day lesson plan. The lesson plan was base on NJ Newark 9th Grade English for the state. It was set up in terms f the state standards, the lesson plan utilized the six facets of understanding by Wiggins and Amp. The lesson plan went further and incorporated hunter’s essential elements of instruction for a lesson plan model. The lesson plan was based on these plus any objective the teacher felt their lesson plan needed. The classroom was lively with the participatory activities, at the same time the groups assist each other.

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