The argument presented in the video is the course of action being taken regarding the topic of global warming pertaining to how people can best fare through the choices they make. The presenter highlights that instead of talking about whether global warming is a truth or not, people should consider what course of action they are taking in order to identify how they best fare.

The principle of charity provides that the interpretations of the presenter are to be considered to be logical and rational and therefore very strong argument basis. The argument therefore when reconstructed as per the principle of charity states that the course of the action taken by people regarding global warming makes a vast difference in terms of how better or how worse they fare in the face of the uncertain condition of global warming.

The premises of the argument pertain to the facts that the presenter in the view uses normal vocabulary in a normal manner while the statements being made by him are not only true but valid arguments as well that hold the interest of the audience. The controversial nature of the topic global warming increases the interest of the audience while the way the argument is presented to the audience sparks truth in the facts presented as well. The principle of faithfulness provides that the components of the argument presented are interrelated and factual and as a result the argument based on truth which can be believed by the audience.

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