Sample Essay

Essay writing is indeed a difficult task as it comprises of being able to conduct thorough research and in dept analysis of the gathered material in order to write in a convincing way. Many students in high school and college shun writing essays as they fear the outcome such as a low grade or not being able to meet the expectations of the professor. Avoiding a problem is never a solution to solve it rather a problem has to be faced boldly in order to eradicate it.

Anyone having dedication and an aptitude to improve writing skills can make a difference when it comes to writing essays. There are no other options left other than writing essays because it is a vital part of academia. The purpose of this article is to provide some of the know reasons as to why some students literally hate writing essays. Below are some points to support the topic.

Poor Writing Skills

Some students hate writing essays because of frequent criticisms by their professors on their previous written essays and as a result they get de-motivated and try to avoid writing essays. They make silly grammatical and structural errors resulting in harsh criticism. The only solution to this problem is to keep on writing essays. The more a student practices writing the better things become. Moreover, frequent feedbacks from the professors are also an important step to eradicate grammar and structural errors.

Time Consuming

Some students avoid writing essays because of laziness and involvement in other kind of activities. Essay writing is a pretty time consuming activity as it requires long hours of research and collection of authentic sources in order to write impeccably resulting in procrastination among students.

Essay writing is something that has to be done no matter what the problems are because it helps shape a student’s academic career. The best solution is to practice writing as much as possible. For more help on your essays and term papers please seek custom essay writing services of custom essay live.

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