Research Design

The research design as mentioned earlier incorporates an analysis of the two companies Marks & Spencer and House of Fraser based on historical data. The data however is of two types, qualitative and quantitative making way for a comprehensive look on the performance of the two retailers during Christmas period and what factor influence their sales. The data has been collected form secondary sources that have been peer reviewed and authorized for public disclosure in order to ensure the validity of the information being analysed in the study.

Historical Research

The type of research used for this study is the historical research which essentially employs collection of secondary data that has been generated over a significant period of time. The research undertaken makes use of data particularly relating to the performance of the two companies dating as far back as 2003. in the step based process, the problem has been determined and the research questions have been formulated as mentioned in the previous chapter. The data collected is also analyzed to arrive at the findings of the study and the recommendations for the retailers as to how they can increase their sales levels during Christmas.

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