Sample Research Paper

According to Hemsley-Brown and Oplatka (2006) the need to increase recruitment of both home and international students has resulted in increased competition across the world, as higher education institutions realise that they have to market themselves if they are to survive.  However, marketing themselves means adopting techniques used by the business community, which may be more difficult for UK higher education institutions, as their management and administrative structure differs from that of the US and Australia.

This research topic could be developed further to include a comparison on the different higher education sectors, as this would be a better indication and would provide better data on whether globalisation really does have an influence on international marketing strategies.  This would provide a valuable insight into the variety of methods and techniques used by different countries, and how these are linked to the country’s policies and legislation.  Aside from this the social practices at the Universities as well as those amongst the regional, European and the international student bodies could be further observed and analysed so that new policies and internationalisation strategies can be uncovered which can aid the Universities in the UK higher education sector to target the international student market much better and better cater to their requirements. This will enable them to become more competitive and come to par in terms of competition to theUSpostgraduate institutes.

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