Sample Essay

The methodology that has been used for the dissertation is the historical research that has a qualitative and a quantitative design. As the nature of the study is historical research, the main sources being used in this research are those of the secondary nature. No primary research has been conducted for the purpose of the dissertation, making it less complex and a more appropriate for the purpose of the dissertation.

The literature review is built on the theoretical concept and provides and an exploration of the various microeconomics and marketing principles operating in the retail industry. The literature review section also highlights the various marketing strategies used by the retailers, particularly the Marks & Spencer and House of Fraser along with the analysis and a comparison of their retail sales strategies. An analysis has been undertaken to compare the performance f the two companies during the Christmas season as opposed to their performance n the non Christmas period to determine how they fare in the UK retail industry in the Christmas period.

The research employed qualitative as well as quantitative research. The qualitative research is undertaken in the literature review section while the quantitative research is employed in the analysis of the performance of the two companies during Christmas season. The following sections provide the validity and reliability, feasibility and the appropriateness of the research along with the data collection and the data analysis methodology.

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