Procrastination is something that many college students practice during their studies. Essay writing is indeed a difficult task but what makes it even more complicated is procrastination. The practice of delaying the task till the last moment can sometimes have serious repercussions in terms of low grades and even failure in the course. Procrastination is just a bad habit like smoking and can be difficult to get rid of but it can be overcome depending on the determination of a student. The mere purpose of this article is to provide you some useful guidelines as to how to avoid procrastination when writing essays. Below are some useful tips for you to follow.

Make your Mind

The first and the most important thing you need to do to avoid the curse of procrastination is to be determined to get rid of it at any cost. No matter what the situation is the moment you get an essay writing assignment you need to make your mind that this time round you will not delay it as doing so can cause further problems and create confusion in your mind. When you do not have enough time left to complete an essay and when you have to rush things you can make lots of mistakes and as a result you can fail to make a good impression on your professor. Therefore, to avoid all these problems you need to be determined to avoid procrastination.

Take Baby Steps

What happens most of the time is that the essay is too lengthy and that can overwhelm you and as a result you can slip into procrastination mode. In such a case what you need to do is to break your essay writing task into small achievable steps. Just like when you solve a problem you break it down into smaller portions you need to divide your essay writing task into small achievable tasks. Determine what areas of essay writing are the most time consuming. Research work is something that is quite time consuming and can take most of your time. Therefore, start off with research work initially in an organized way as to have a smooth approach towards achieving the target.

Once you develop a practice of writing your essays on time you will enjoy more. The more you delay your tasks the more stressful they become.

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