Sample Essay

“Record numbers of women are setting up their own businesses, new government figures reveal. Inspired by role models such as the Body Shop founder Anita Roddick and internet entrepreneur Martha Lane Fox, and discovering that there is no glass ceiling for the self- employed, more and more women are going it alone.” (Bloomfield, 2004)Women are inspired by the entrepreneurial and success model figures of Tamara Mellon, Michele Mone and as a result are seeking to establish their own businesses. Women are more likely to establish their own business and be successful at it than achieve high leadership positions in banks, law firms and in the IT sector as they are less likely to be pinpointed, harassed and judged by their male colleagues. Moreover they feel more in control in an entrepreneurial position running their own business establishment.

Some countries like Norway where “From 1 January 2008 it became compulsory for Norwegian companies to appoint a substantial number of women to their management boards” (Holmes, 2008), have established legislature to protect females and encourage their presence in the top management, however in the case of the United Kingdom., Such legislature is still to be revealed and implemented

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