Sample Essay

The pay gap between the women and the mean has barely budged in the last decade. This is mostly due to the fact that women often tend to let gap of more salary and monetary benefits in favor of a better life, life with family and spending quality time with their relations and children. In such a scenario they feel good about their work and their position and as a result do not ask for more money. “”They don’t think they deserve it,” says Lois Frankel, president of Corporate Coaching International and author of Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office. She adds, “We don’t have the [negotiating] skills. We see it as something smarmy.”” (‘Women Still Face Glass Ceiling’, 2008)

The concept of paying females a lesser salary or one which is much lower to their male counter parts in the same position is a predominantly British culture. This is enforced by the position of women as compared to men in British history. Moreover the relatively lower number of women employed at high leadership roles has led to this discrepancy. “Fewer women at senior management levels partly explain why the pay gap in theUKbetween men and women is about 18%, based on an average hourly wage. Inevitably, women also choose to spend time out of the job market raising families and do not accumulate as much work experience as men.” And “Many professions that attract women are often graded at a lower point in the pay structure than male-dominated occupations, even if there is no real difference in skill levels. “It is a particularly British problem,” says Ms Mellor, pointing out that nurses inAustraliaearn above the national average wage, while British nurses earn less.” (Clark, 2002)

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