Sample Essay

In the political context this article was of significance as it provided information regarding the stress being placed upon the allies and the defeated countries by theUnited States. Furthermore theUnited Stateswas also putting up base camps and military troops in regions of conflict and geographic importance under the rouse of tracking anti peace and terrorist movements, as well as political unsettlement especially in the aftermath of the World War II. As the Germans were one of the parties facing restrictions at the hands of the allies and the United States, the region was actually focusing on interpreting the actions of the United States instead of simply accepting them as security measurement and enforcing strategies. This was made evident and clear in the later stages when United Statesopenly declared war on terrorism as a result of the events of 9/11.

In the chronological context this article is of significant importance as well as the article was published in a German magazine in 1951. At this point the political scenario of the entire world was uncertain and the war inKoreawas also raising questions pertaining to the use of nuclear power based weapons of war. While providing support againstKoreain the war, theUnited Stateswas also deploying its forces to military bases in strategic locations I the islands in the pacific as well as in theMiddle East, African and Latin American regions of strategic importance. Intelligence and military power from these bases was provided to theUnited Statesin the war against terrorism which was initiated as a result of the events of 9/11.

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