Sample Essay

Racial profiling is a term used for the strategy of profiling people according to their races in order to determine whether there exists a probability that a particular community or race is more likely to commit a certain crime. The aspect of racial profiling is highly controversial in nature as human rights activists state that racial profiling is just another form of labeling minorities which result in a counterproductive action of more crimes. The political groups usually make the excuse of being politically correct in order to avoid employing racial profiling, however it has to be realized that it different races are more predictable in their behavior.

The paper Racial Profiling and Crime Control depicts that the different races that exist in the world today are formed due to the evolution of the man and his adaptability to the environment around him. The physical attributes of the humans living in different regions of the world have adapted to the environment resulting in visible differences like body structure, skin color and the differences in facial features. However, according to the theory of evolution, man also evolves in more ways than just in the biological aspects.

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