Sample Essay

While biologically we are all the same aside from our structure and apparent features, our temperaments, emotional and mental capabilities differ from each other. These differences are the actual characteristics that are actually identified and pursued in racial profiling. Therefore, while the basic meaning of racial profiling is categorizing people according to their skin color and appearance, the in depth analysis of racial profiling dictates that the actual mental orientation of the people is used as a categorization stratum. This, along with the theory for deviation in behavior aids the law enforcement corporations to predict the likelihood of the different groups of people regarding the violation of the law.


 The theory of deviation states that behavior of people can be identified as deviant form the social control and norms when they violate the law or do not conform to the customs and tradition as depicted by their local community. Informal deviation takes place when the slights or deviation is minor in nature and no actual law is broken while the formal deviation taken place when the person violates or breaks the law. Thus the theory of deviation can be applied to racial profiling in order to identify how different groups of people based ion their racial stereotypes conform to the theory of deviation by showing the tendency to violate the law.

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