Sample Essay

Intermodalism is the method by which more than one mode of transportation is used to reach a destination. This can include using road, sea as well as rail and air based transport vehicles. The term is often applied to ports when the shipment for a product tends to transfer through multiple mediums, i.e. though an airplane, the rail as well through the ships. Intermodalism is the process by which the package of shipment is transferred from one kind of port or door to another. There exist multiple forms of transportation as well as multiple intermediaries transporting goods and services. The intermodal method of transportation of goods is more efficient and often cost effective as problems due to bottle necks are reduced and the shipment reaches its final destination much faster.

Intermodalism has become popular with companies who have frequent shipments to make over vast geographical expanses. The reason for the popularity is due to the growth taking place in the marketplace and the evolving environment of logistics and distribution. Increased competition is driving companies to seek cost efficiencies while ensuring the safe delivery of their goods in a speedy manner. For this the companies invest in multiple modes of transfer for their shipments to speed the process along and keep the costs as low as possible.

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