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Election polls is a statistical analysis which is used to present the predictive picture of the result of an election in terms of the number of votes to be siding which the individuals parties participating in the elections. However there has always been a question as to whether election polls should be banned or not. Many countries around the world like India, Taiwan and Indonesia etc. make use of election polls as well but they tend to stop conducting and publishing any election polls before the event of the electoral conduction. Their specific governments have outline a period before the election take place, after which they are not allowed to conduct and publish election polls.

The debate against the use of election polls is based on the fact that election polls can influence the outcome of the election in a very volatile manner. “Do opinion polls affect the outcome of elections? Some may argue a resounding yes, and with some confidence and accuracy. Most people prefer to vote for winners, and most prefer not to vote for losers. If you already know the winner, and the loser, then why bother? Make it illegal to ‘publish, broadcast, or distribute’ in any form, polling results until after an election when winners and losers are announced.” (McElfresh, 2008) The effect on the voting is “difficult to determine, but it’s possible that terms such as front-runner, and bandwagon might disappear from the nightly news’ description of an election campaign. There is little doubt that pre-election poll results affect voter turnout. Some voters stay home. But in a close race, other voters may turn out in support of a candidate that has a chance.” (McElfresh, 2008)

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