Sample Essay

The strategic management at Wal-Mart composes of various management theories that have been applied to the business. One of these is the neoclassical stakeholder theory. The company manages its operations and strategic decision making based on the stakeholders of the business as they directly and indirectly contribute towards the success and the profitability of the company. The stakeholders of the company include its shareholders, employees, customers as well as the supplier in the market, the communities in which the company operates in and the environment. The ranking of these stakeholders in order of priority by the Wal-Mart is to support and rank its shareholders, its customers and the community on the first tier that are followed by the suppliers, the environment and the employees that form the last tier. The focus of the shareholder, community and customer orientation has provided the company with the strengths of powerful retail brands and an established image that has been attained by the company. This strategy used by the company has been to it product offering a value for money and convenience based proposition for the customers who are able to purchase a wide variety of products all under one roof

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