Sample Essay

The House of Fraser on the other hand depicted a healthy performance ion the face of the recession specifically as the previous years’ performance of the company had been quite deplorable. This can be mainly attributed to the new management at the company with the Baugur Group and the efficient manner in which the retailer conducted its operations. The house of Fraser invested in planning and retail management systems to increase efficiency while reduce the costs of wastage and loss through bottlenecks in its operations. This led to an increased efficiency in whatever business that it did generate during theHolidayseason. The company launched strategic management and planning initiatives that focused on increasing customer loyalty last year that reaped results in the year 2008 showing healthier performance and sales levels for the company.

The research has indicated that re-branding the retail business can greatly lead to increased business and better performance, especially when the re-branding of the business is conducted in an appropriate manner. House of Fraser that until recently had been facing a confused positioning in the UK retail market between a high street retailer and a convenience based retailer, showed better sales performance in the 2008 Christmas period as compared to the previous few years performance. The company shed its previous conflicting image along with its stag based logo and has started a fresh with a new branding theme and marketing strategy under the Baugur Gro.

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