Sample Essay

Wal-Mart has made use of integrative systems technology in order to standardize operations and reduce costs across its operations. The establishment of the universal bar code was one of the most significant and successful strategies for standardization while adapting new technologies for Wal-Mart. Aside from this the use of computerized inventory management system, an innovative technology based customer relationship management system ad the RFID technology are part of the company technology strategy. Aside from this the company also invested in the low prices strategy to attract customers to its stores and retain them by continuing to offer the lowest prices for the selection of products and services offered at its retail stores and outlets.

Recently the company has also divulged into the strategy of maintaining it PR with a stance if being a socially responsible corporate citizen. The company has undertaken green strategies that focus on sustaining the environment and the earth’s natural resources while facilitating the operation for the giant’s retail and super market operations world wise. Some of the strategies that come under the green strategy label for the company include working with free trade, using organize products like organic food and cotton, using hybrid trucks for transportation of goods and services between its distribution centres and retail store, buying fish and salmon from sustainable fisheries as well as cutting greenhouse gas emissions from its operations using business process reengineering and innovative technology.

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