Sample Essay

HIV is one of the most dangerous diseases and a complete cure has not been developed till now. In Africa, this disease is more common than other nations. One of the reasons is prostitution and unsafe sex. The transfer of infected blood infects the other person with HIV. In addition to that, several hospitals and medical institutions do not test blood samples before injecting them. A lot of people do not even visit Africa due to the high rate of HIV.

What percentage of total HIV patients in the world are present in Africa? The answer to this question is very shocking. Approximately, ninety six percent of total HIV patients are in Africa.  Forty percent of these patients have active germs in their bodies. In other words, they are suffering from AIDS(Acquired immune deficiency syndrome). Even after so many medical advancements, a complete treatment for AIDS has not been developed and most patients eventually die.

As I mentioned above, a complete cure to the disease is not present. However, the flow of the germ can be controlled if regular medication is taken at the right time.  This medication is quite weakening and the patient needs to maintain a good immunity level.  A lot of foreign companies do not invest in African economy due to the high presence of HIV.   Employees are not very inclined towards residing in Africa.

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