Sample Essay

HIV is the most dangerous disease at the moment and it is spreading at a fast pace as well. In Africa, countless people lose their lives every year after getting infected. Some of them fail to get the disease diagnosed at the right time. Others cannot afford the treatment due to monetary problems. Some government backed welfare problems are also being executed but they are not very apparent.

A key problem is that people are not very educated and informed about this problem.  They do not know about the use of condoms and practice of safe sex. As a result, they fail to prevent this disease. In Zambia, the positive effect of these AIDS realization programs has been witnessed.  As compared to the year 1996, the spreading rate of this disease has dropped by approximately 4.5 percent in the year 1999. What kinds of modes are being used to educate the African residents?

Targeted education is one of most result oriented practices for HIV prevention in Africa. Some groups of people are more likely to suffer from this disease. These include youngsters living in underdeveloped areas and have sex with multiple partners without protection. Through targeted education, special presentations highlighting the possible HIV hazards are prepared for these groups.  Each and everything is explained to these groups so that they can identify the dangers on their own.

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