Sample Essay

Africa is known for its wild heritage. The country has some of the biggest natural forests, grasslands and wild reserves.  Some of the biggest carnivorous animals including the lion and leopard are found there. Africa also carries Rainbow Nation as its second name. This is because the country does not have one or two ethnicities. A diverse range of castes and cultures live in Africa. However, the traditions followed are not purely African. A very heavy influence of American and European countries can be clearly witnessed as well. Along with that, you will find whites and Indians along with the blacks who are Africans by birth.

If you want to look at beauty, you would not find a better place than Africa. The most beautiful jungles and sunsets can be seen in almost every part of the country. Several tribes reside in these jungles and survive by hunting animals. Some of them are man eaters as well. Each tribe has follows a different custom procedure to select its ruler. In some cases, the ruler is killed after his ruing period is over.  Some of the jungles are so thick that the sunlight does not reach the ground. Bushfires are not very common but some horrible ones have been seen in the past. One of the major earning industries of the country is tourism and a lot of professional archaeologists visit the country.

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