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The purpose of the dissertation is to examine the effectiveness of e-marketing communication and how it can influences consumer purchases online. Internet is a fast developing medium for communication which has enabled companies to target their customers through online marketing and web based shopping option. This dissertation highlights the marketing initiatives undertaken by the Marks and Spencer Company on the internet and seeks to determine how they marketing strategies can be changed to better target the customers and influence their purchase behavior online. For this purpose both literature reviews as well as primary research have been employed.

The research undertaken involved gathering information about the perceptions and effects of marketing initiatives on the consumers and how their online purchase can be influenced through a questionnaire based survey. The survey was sent to two set of samples, one who were avid online shoppers while the other group were pure internet users who rarely used internet for making purchases.  A descriptive correlation method of research was employed to determine the factors that would help influence the pure internet users to become online shoppers as well.

The conclusion provided that currently people are apprehensive about shopping online due to security threat for their personal and credit card records, the limited service available to them, the limited range of products available online, the lack of ability to try on apparel before purchase on the internet and the intangibility of the process for purchasing online. The current marketing initiatives that are taken by the company are effective in attracting the online shoppers. The banner ads on the website as well as product promotion on the website are significant awareness creators for the products and promotions for the customers. It was revealed through research that by employing technological advancement the company can provide additional services like the online sales assistance service and virtual ‘demo View’ which can help the company attract more sales online.  Aside from this recommendations have also been provided on how the Marks and Spencer Company can change and modify its marketing strategy online to target their customers and provide them with additional services to increase their online purchase behavior.

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