Sample Essay

According to Kotler (1984), а company’s marketing effectiveness is rejected in the degree to which it exhibits five major attributes of а marketing orientation: customer philosophy, integrated marketing organisation, adequate marketing information, strategic orientation and operational efficiency (Husain, pp.34). The firms need to be able to conduct marketing analysis and to plan and implement marketing strategies.

Although the results of most marketing efforts are difficult to assess (Rahman pp.31-34), previous research findings suggest that marketing effectiveness is positively associated with business performance. Successful hospitality companies are those that are developing effective strategic plans and those that have adequate information available to managers (Husain pp.33). Marketing effectiveness also depends on the ability of managers to produce profitable strategies from their philosophy, organisation and information resources. Finally, marketing effectiveness depends on the ability to implement marketing plans successfully at various levels of an organization (Rahman pp.40). It can be concluded that the marketing effectiveness of а company depends on various attributes of а marketing orientation (Hussain pp.4-9). The rating instrument used in this study involved only some of those attributes the use of adequate marketing information, marketing activities and planning and operational efficiency (Rahman pp.35).

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