Sample Essay

The internet has made the world a global village where the buyers and the sellers are able to come together to exchange goods and services. In order to attract the target market to the relevant markets, e-marketing is often employed. “International e-marketing is emerging as an important area for marketers, as global online markets expand” (Krishnamurthy and Singh, 2005). A study conducted by Luo and Seyedian (2003), is based on the relationship between information system and strategic marketing which highlights how customer oriented strategies can be developed using the information technology, like the internet, which are customer oriented as well as encourage customer loyalty and satisfaction.

“It finds that the influence of contextual marketing and customer-orientation strategy on site satisfaction is moderated by the perceived complexity of the site design but not by consumer privacy concerns. These influences may also be mediated by perceived site value. Overall, the contextual marketing approach of providing personalized, real-time information to customers at the point of need will obtain competitive advantage in e-commerce” (Luo and Seyedian, 2003).Singaporeis one of the developed online markets where significant number of businesses products and services to consumers on the internet. A research was conducted by Liao and Cheung (2001), which highlighted influencing factors which motivate the customers to purchase online. “Regression analysis shows that the life content of products, transactions security, price, vendor quality, IT education and Internet usage significantly affect the initial willingness of Singaporeans to e-shop on the Internet. Generalizing, we suggest that Internet-based B2C e-commerce can profitably be introduced or promoted along similar dimensions in socio-geographically and technologically similar situations.” (Liao and Cheung, 2001)

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