Sample Essay

The major difference between traditional marketing communication and e-marketing communication is they have different communication method and different marketing concepts. The differences as follows:

Communication Method is Different:

The traditional marketing and communication makes use of mail, telephone as well as TV, radio, print and face to face interaction to make the customers aware of the product and promote the products to them. The communication in this context as a result is mostly a one way communication flowing form the company/ marketer to the customer.

E-marketing communication is based on internet. It is normally will be connected with customers when customers searched and contacted the marketer. So the e-marketing communication does not have as much as control ability compared with the traditional communication. In addition, internet is a fictitious world, both of marketers and customers can not see each others face or hear the tone, so it is difficult for marketer to get feedback from customers’ face or voice immediately and can not adjust the communication strategy based on customers’ feedback (Zhou, 2008).

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