Sample Essay

The communication problems that will be encountered pertain to handling and managing meetings amongst the staff in Dubai and Germany, the communication of the policies and the culture of the company to the Germany based staff, the communications that take place between the management of the company and the clients in the local Garman market, the communication issues that would arise relating to language barrier and the different comprehension of the target market in the region of Germany.

In order to resolve the issues of communication and the resultant problems the company will have to specifically train the management of the company as well as the Dubai based staff about the culture and the target market at Germany. The proper business etiquettes of the local host region will have to be educated to the Dubai management and staff. Similarly the Germany based staff will also need to be educated about the culture of the company as in Dubai and how the significant differences need to be tolerated. Moreover the company will be hiring people in the top management form the local host country as well to facilitate the communication and the diverse culture of the company in operating in the local host country of Germany. Moreover the staff will also be provided small language based training in German, French as well as Arabic for business purposes where required.

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