Sample Essay

Direct Contributing Factor

Indirect Contributing Factor

Promoting Sex High level of sexual activity promoted by Media
Teens on television shown to be leading sexually active lives
Selling to teenagers through sex
Promoting Drugs Promoting a glamorous lifestyle that incorporates drug usage
Showing programs where teens us drugs on TV
Easy availability of drugs being promoted
Reporting Incorrect Information Providing incorrect information about sex without protection/ contraceptives
Promoting products that promote sex
Providing incorrect information about the usage of contraceptives and negative  attitude of salesperson towards teens buying contraceptives
Peer Pressure Peers are pro leading sexually active lives
Sex is considered norm by peers and friends
Social atmosphere promotes active sexual behavior
Need to be loved and accepted Adolescents want acceptance from friends and those in their social environment
Adolescents seek affection
Adolescents confuse sex with affection
Acceptance by society of pregnant teen Pregnant teens are not frowned upon in the society
Active support is provided to active teens
Enhanced facilities and propositions are available to pregnant teens provided by the society


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