Sample Essay

Direct Contributing Factor

Indirect Contributing Factor

Media Adolescents view programs depicting teens leading sexually active lives.
Adolescents have uncensored access to media
Sex promoting advertisements and films targeted towards adolescents
Friends with Babies Teens are around other teens with babies
Being around children carmaker some want children of their own
Friends discuss how good it is to have a baby of ones own
Lack of refusal skills Adolescents wish to please others
Adolescents cannot say no to their friends
Fear of rejection if refusal is depicted
Peer pressure Friends promote having sex without protection
Boyfriend/ girlfriend opposes uses of protection
Adolescents can let go of protection to please their friends/ boyfriend/girlfriend
Lack of education Adolescents are unaware of the consequences of not using protection
Adolescents have never been informed about the need of protection
Teens are incorrectly informed
Ashamed to buy protection Afraid of been seen by peers
Afraid of being spotted by family members
Afraid to ask pharmacists/doctors/counselors for help


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