Sample Essay

Direct Contributing Factor

Indirect Contributing Factor

School Policy The school policy prevents any program or explicit education regarding teen pregnancy
The school policy uses support of parents and the community to teach such programs and the parents/ community do not provide sufficient evidence to initiate programs for education on teen pregnancy
Sex amongst adolescents is considered as a taboo and therefore no attempts are made by the school to teach students about sex or teenage pregnancy.
Level of Education The education on sex and teen pregnancy that is provided is very basic
The level and support provided through the sex education/ teenage pregnancy programs is inadequate due to lack of resources
The education imparted by the school is conducted by novices who are not trained professionals.
Lack of Curriculum The curriculum for the programs is outdated
The curriculum of the program is highly censored
A proper curriculum does not exist to support the program for increasing awareness about teenage pregnancies.
No Money to Buy Materials The school and the community centers do not have the funds to purchase materials and equipments for the program
The community and the parents are not willing to provide any funding for such programs thinking of them as irrelevant
The funding that is available is limited and is therefore apportioned to other more important programs at the schools
No One with Knowledge to Teach There exists lack of professionals in the region that can teach the course on teenage pregnancy
Where professionals are not available the school may have limited or no resources to hire trained professionals
People are not willing to teach in schools about sex education and teenage pregnancy.
Misinformation from peers School board and staff is misinformed about the need of a program for sex education and teenage pregnancy
School board and staff is misinformed about lack of resources available for such programs and education
Due to lack of funds and misinformation from peers on the chances of pregnancy when indulging in sexual activity amongst the adolescents can lead to high levels of teen pregnancies as well.


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