Sample Essay

Direct Contributing Factor

Indirect Contributing Factor

Don’t Talk The family environment is conservative
Parents do not inform children about sex or the use of contraceptives
Parents assume children are too young to discuss about the subject
Lack of Structure The parents/ guardians are missing in the household
No one acts as the father/mother figure carrying out there responsibilities
A family hierarchy is not present in the household
Fear of rejection/ ridicule Adolescents don’t ask parent for fear of elders
Adolescents don’t ask else sibling for fear of ridicule
Adolescents don’t initiate a discussion with family as it might be considered inappropriate in the family
Role Modeling Negative role models present
Adolescents look up top elders who manipulate them for their gain
Mentors are not present in the family
Family History There is a family history of violence
Family history of abuse
Genetic orientation/ mental discrepancies
Ethyl alcohol/Drugs Family members indulge in alcohol
Family members openly indulge in substance abuse
Untoward behavior apparent by family members while under the influence


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