Sample Essay

Peers can heavily influence mental health with direct contributing factors including the conflict of values amongst the peers, the fear of failure in front of the peers, the confusion of one’s personal role and identity as well as being overweight or physically unfit. The indirect contributors to this health problem include the pressure put by peers to conform to their groups and their looks appearances and their behavioral patterns, the presence of a diverse household which can lead to a confused identity and media exposure that can create a poor self image that can further degrade the confidence of the depressed teenagers.

           Injuries as they relate to the family can be of physical, sexual and negative nature and can be aggravated by the lack of medical coverage, poor role models and financial pressures. The indirect factors that contribute to the injuries pertain to family history of violence, substance abuse by family members, absence of biological parents, public display of verbal or physical discipline as well as lack of knowledge about medical coverage and protection available can also lead to unavailable medical coverage when needed due to injuries caused by drug, alcohol and substance abuse

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