Sample Essay

CSR is an abbreviation for Corporate Social Responsibility which aims at addressing ethical and legal issues pertaining to the rights of the consumers, the community where the company operates as well as the environment. The CSR is a form of regulation that the company takes upon itself, supported by policies and guidelines that provide how issues of CSR need to be addressed. CSR has received popularity as well as criticism as critics claim that it is simply a form of window dressing for corporations to get out of legal issues of consumers, stakeholders and the community.

As mentioned earlier, the concept of CSR has received significant attention and popularity. Since the 1980s many companies have been urged into significantly investing in the Corporate Social Responsibility programs due to increased activity by consumer action groups and environmental issues. In the 1960s and 1970s the consumers started depicting increased interests in the operations of corporations, how they affect the local society, as well as the environment. There became an increased demand for laws protecting the consumers and their rights in from the operations of corporations. This trend then took the form of growing interests in the consumers for products and services that provided sustained growth and development with reduced negative impacts on the environment. In the recent years the increased interest of the consumers towards the sustainability of the environment and the more investment in the local communities by has resulted in corporations investing heavily in CSR programs that provide the consumers with the products and services that they want while promoting ethical consumerism.

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