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Other factors that have been attributed as the cause of increase in sex crimes against college students pertain to the increasing levels of unemployment, the decreasing rate of education and literacy in the new generation specially pertaining to college studies. Aside from this the increasing usage of drugs and the expanding industry of drug smuggling as well as underage drinking have also largely contributed to the increase of such crimes. “The crime of rape can have a devastating effect upon its victims, both physically and psychologically. Social judgments regarding the victims’ level of responsibility for the event can further complicate their emotional recovery Societal stereotypes have created a double standard, where traditionally the victim has been blamed for the event. This issue is particularly salient for college-aged men and women. Date rape occurs with startling frequency on college campuses, and seems to be perpetuated by rape-tolerant attitudes held by the college males At least 85% of the attempted and successful rapes of college women were committed by non-strangers with only a small minority of 5% of the victims reporting the crime to the police”(Castello, et al, 2006)

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