Purpose of the study: this study was intended to survey the reflections students had from a social media experience. This was from the fact that as a result of technology advancement, students are continuously interacting through social media.

Participants: these included 127 students from a midwest university with 92 from Personal Health Science (designated as learners) while 35 were from Principles and Application of Fitness Training class (designated as PSHFP). Thus sample was selected through purposeful sampling. Learners comprised of 33.6% freshmen, 46.7% sophomores and 51.1% Pre-Elementary Education majors with 68.5% female and 31.5% males averaging 21 years and 9 months. PSHFP were 17.1% juniors and 82.9% seniors, 54.3% males and 45.7% females; and with an averaging age of 24 years and 3 months.

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