Sample Essay

The international interest would be served through the cleanliness of the environment. This would result in less pollution creep into international waters. Moreover the reinforcing of the oil rigs and tankers would greatly contribute to the protection of the international waters through preventing massive and expensive oil spills. Aside from this the reestablishment of the port would lead to more areas of access for the international parties, enabling them to increase their trade with the region and increase their own economic activity in turn. Lastly the policies and procedures that would be put into place in the port areas would serve as examples of sustainable economic and social development for the other countries as well enabling them to follow a similar policy for sustainable environmental development for their sea ports.


Conclusively the reestablishment of the port and the policy for a sustainable environment in the port regions requires development of the environment as well as the people. As a result it is important to develop policies for the sustainable environment and development for ports by supporting economic activity and implementing solution of green living and green business solutions for the industries. Investment by the state in such programs of awareness can greatly influence the establishment of the highlighted policies which would serve the national as well as the international interest of increasing economic activity and revenue generated through the ports.

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