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Negative impact of globalization on culture

Globalization is a concept that has erupted few decades earlier. It is a way of uniting different nations economically, politically and culturally. There is no denying the fact that there are innumerable advantages of globalization. However, neglecting the dramatic impacts of globalization will not do justice to anyone. People believe that consolidating different cultures by means of globalization actually abolishes the differences between them, but the truth is contradictory. Globalization is a trend which can […]


Essay: Reasons for global climatic changes

It is important as well to note that high concentration of carbon dioxide, sulphur hexafluoride, nitrous oxide and methane is a major trigger of atmospheric instability that can cause significant damage to the ozone layer.


Essay: Reducing the concentration of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere

A well-established solar plant would provide various cities with adequate energy to run their operations. As a result, the concentration of greenhouse gases and other dangerous industrial fumes in the atmosphere will reduce drastically leaving the ozone layer safer to filter the sun’s radiation and prevent harmful radiation from reaching the planet’s atmosphere.


Essay: Fertility Rates are not Declining

Fertility rates in developing countries are not declining as experts had projected. There are some reasons that they have come up with to explain this unprecedented trends. Foreign aid for family planning initiatives in developing nations has significantly reduced due to the global economic recession that has affected even the established economies such as the USA (Markham, 2011).


Essay: A Number of People Died Because of Fire

Once the hydrocarbon got to the Upper Explosion Unit, it was ignited into a flame accidentally by a truck driver who had parked outside the building. This explosion resulted in a lot of death cases in the company because most of the people in the building did not have the necessary information on the exit points of the building. They were trapped inside and thus died from the smoke and the flames.


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