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The government will also have to monitor the industrial sector in theses region in terms of their operation and toxic waste management. A recycling plant will have to be set up which will recycle any water that would be swept out to the sea. The heavy fines would have to be loved on companies who would be going against the policies outlined by the state. Specific environmental repair and management programs will have to be set up at local schools and communities to educate the population residing in the area about the harm caused by pollution and the benefits that can be reaped form controlling pollutants. The state will also have to establish specific laws that would be against littering and dumping of toxic waste into the sea water.


Other policies for supporting the development of the environment would include reinforcing the oil tankers and the oil rigs to avoid oil spills as well as to make them more sustainable in the long run. These will contributed largely towards abetting the pollution the national as well as the international waters.

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