Sample Essay

In order to be near seaports the large companies and manufacturing plants shifted their operations near the ship ports to reduce the cost of transportation and to have easy access to the port. Moreover due to this economic development and jobs provided by the seaports in the previous decades and the nearby industries, the seaport locales also attracted workers and their families to migrate to these regions. However, as the sea ports lost their grandeur in the past couple of decades, the people residing in the area also started to suffer and impoverish. This has resulted in these towns becoming areas of slum. Moreover the toxic waste dumped by the industries as well as the pollution caused by the sea port over the areas, have degraded the environmental conditions of the seaport.

Due to the factors highlighted above the environment is facing serious problems in the case of fishes not breeding, mutating diseases being caused among marine life as well as pollution of the coast line and the coral reefs. The increasing sediment coastlines and shores of the ship docks are also increasing due to the sedimentation of the pollution caused by the industries on the sea beds. The environment as a result is becoming not just polluted but is reacting against the pollution, in turn affecting the people and the harm population that resides in these areas. Therefore in order to restore these regions the first order of business is to stop the creeping of pollutants into these regions and create a sustainable policy which can cater for economic as well as social and environmental development in the region.

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