Sample Essay

The self principle in the Gestalt theory provides for the analysis of oneself amongst the clients that enable them to identify the errors in oneself and the discrepancies which might be present in ones personality in the form of obsessive compulsiveness, strange and damaging behavior as well as addictions. “Gestalt therapy, by contrast, regards self-criticism as an aspect of the self which must be recognized and then integrated with other parts of the self. In this therapy, the values of emotional experiencing, subjectivity, and the complexity of personality are paramount.” (Safran & Messer)

The therapeutic counseling of Gestalt is aimed at completing the unfinished business of the clients by exploring the present experience. The here and now principle tends to analyze the momentous experience of the clients which focus on the current problems of the individual instead of the past ones. This results in a more accurate personal development for the clients.

Aside from this the Gestalt therapy addresses, many different issues which faced the clients in the form of mind, intelligence, body as well the spirit of the client.

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