Sample Essay

The Gestalt therapy is a form of psychotherapy which is still in a experimental stage. The therapy focuses on the momentous experience of the individual undergoing therapy as well as the relationship of the client and the therapist. The environments as well as the contexts in which the therapy takes place is also accounted for and the adjustments that the client makes in order to be more comfortable and adapt to the environment are noted in the therapy.

The initiators of the therapy were Perls & Perls and Goodman. They initiated the therapy by experimental technique in California by taking on test subjects in groups

The Gestalt therapy presents that view that human nature is divided into four aspects. The biological field, the entity of the organism, contact and relationships as well as the whole making capability. The biological field theory depicts that all organisms exist in environments which and therefore have effects on each other. No organism is independent from the other; therefore the degree of reliance on each other on part of the organisms is strong. Similarly none of the organism is completely powered from within itself or from an exterior source. Instead, all organisms are coexisting to develop and evolve in order to sustain themselves. The theory of the organism depicts however that every organism has a goal to seek growth towards the phase of maturity. The organism based dimension which are highlighted in the Gestalt therapy pertain to physical, social, cognitive as well as interpersonal, spiritual and economic dimensions.

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