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In relation to contacts, interruptions to contacts also exist which include, confluence, introjection, projection as well as retroflection. These depict false identification on part of the human organism to others, for portraying oneself differently to others, or for hiding the true identity and nature of the human organism. Through self regulation however the human organism controls the equilibrium for contact. Moreover the Gestalt therapy theory also depicts that humans have the ability to adapt to the changing environments through self regulation.

Gestalt therapy theory also focuses on exploring phenomenology which, in terms of philosophy, is the direct and instantaneous response of an individual to stimuli in the environment. The presence of the clients in the Gestalt therapy theory is not important; instead what is important is the awareness of their process.  Awareness is the core function of the Gestalt therapy theory. “Awareness is always intentional and occurs in the organism-environment field. Characterized by contact, sensing, excitement, and Gestalt formation it is a subjective experience, a being in touch with one’s own existence inclusive of all senses at a given moment. It is more than the pure thought of a problem but is integrative, implying wholeness, allowing for appropriate responses to a given situation in accordance with one’s needs and the possibilities of the environment. Different awareness can come to the foreground at different times.

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