Sample Essay

It is the person’s awareness of his/her complexity within and inclusive of the field that manifests itself in uninterrupted organismic self-regulation, meaningful growth and long-term change. Consequently, awareness is integral to dialogical relations.” (Kirchner) Other principles on which the Gestalt Therapy Theory is based include the principle of dialogue, though which individuals communicate and establish contact with each other, the here and now focus which separates the bearings of past and future for the human organisms and allows them to make sense of the world.

Another principle which is the basis of the Gestalt therapy theory is the concept of self whereby it is treated as a process which is an agent of growth, dynamicity as well as experiences of different relations.

The objective of the therapy is to enable an individual to be able to regulate and control their repose to the environment and manage the interactions he/ she may have with other human organisms in the environments.

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