Sample Essay

The effects of the gestalt therapy were apparent on the participants in a study conducted by O’Leary, Sheedy, O’Sullivan and Thoresen. “The study investigated the effects of a gestalt therapy group with older adults. A total of 43 adults, 65 years or older, were randomized into treatment and assessment control groups of 22 and 21 respectively. ANCOVA results indicated that group therapy participants reported less anger control and more overall expression of anger than the control participants. In addition, they were significantly more agreeable and less hostile and more clear-headed and less confused at the end of the group.

These findings were supported by reported emotional changes. Younger group participants were significantly more composed and less anxious than younger control group members. Qualitative results further illustrated this reduction in anxiety. Participants significantly increased their level of clear-headedness and were less confused. Qualitative evidence also illustrated their clear-headedness and agreeableness. Exploratory analysis illustrated substantial learning about oneself by group participants.” (O’Leary et. al, 2003)

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