Sample Essay

The Gable Company should seek to develop the network of road, railway and the transportation system along with the plumbing, the electricity dissemination and the sewage system in the region. The company should then go on to zoning the region with the relevant recreation, park, business, retail and residential zones. This would provide the investors with a picture of what the city is going to look like.

Next the company will have to build in the residential and the business and industrial sector simultaneously as the businesses that would be interested in operating in the region would be recruiting people who would need a place to reside. Alongside this company would also have to invest in recreational facilities and the development of the beaches to provide the incoming resident with recreational facilities. The things that can go wrong pertain to lack of investment by businesses in the region and the resultant non popularity of the region which can lead to incomplete development of the area.  However if the Gable Company and Hynes seeks to make this project a success,  they will have to invest in strategic marketing of the project and the rgsion as well as a cyclical development of the region in order to accommodate the incurring needs of the future businesses and the people residing in the region.

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