Sample Essay

The opportunities that were now available to the Boeing Company as a result of the 747 Project was that it had new standards of operations to work with. The specialized team of ‘The Incredibles’ could be used as a motivating factor as well as a practical teacher for other staff to be trained on the job for the plants. The feat of making the 747 aircraft as well as the plant alongside also enabled the company to take on more risks and in the future and cater to the fast growing commercial air transport industry.

The threats that were present to the 747 project was that the company had invested all its capital ands well as geared funds on the project and the completion of the project and the consequential launch was crucial for the continuity of the company. Else the company would have gone bankrupt

Through this paper we have been able to identify the project 747 process. The different stages of the 747 process have depicted that the project management that was conducted by the project management team was of significance importance to the company. The Boeing Corporation was able to identify the faults of its current system, re invent the processes to modify these faults and to work towards their benefit while moving along the project of 747. The team of the project 747 was also of significant importance of the company as it created a standard of operations and innovation in the industry while depicting it to the world that it is not impossible to carry out any task as long as one is devoted to it and applies himself to its execution.

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