Sample Essay

The strengths of the company pertain to the facts that the company has a much diversified portfolio of products and business offerings. Aside from this the company is currently enjoying a leadership position in the industry and the market, and is experiencing strong growth in Asia and Europe. The strengths of the 747 projects was that its was a focused project with a highly specialized and trained staff which was devoted to the project day and night,. This rendered a unique advantage of focused development to the project,. Moreover the project itself was monumental in nature which created a specialized image for the Boeing Corporation in the minds of the competition as well as the customers.

The weaknesses of the company however pertain to the declining overall profitability of the company as well as the high level of debt which is burdening the company. The weakness of the 747 project was that even though the time for repairs and testing was allotted, the time allotted was very limited for the scale of the project. This resulted in the project becoming over due and harried processing of the project based activities in the last few stages. The result was that even though the FAA certification was achieved in December 1969, the repairs continued into January.

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