Sample Essay

This case study is basically based on the project of Boeing 747 and its relevant project management stages and strategies. The Boeing 747 was initiated in the 1960s specifically for the US Air Force. The US Air Force wanted a cargo carrier for its jet fighters and cargo transport. As a result the project for 747 was commenced. However the US Air force sis not give the contract for the storage/ cargo and transport carrier to Boeing and yet the company decided to follow its plans for Boeing 747 and take it into development and production.

The 747 was the first wide bodied aircraft and has been operational for almost 37 years now. The plane features four engines and was a double decker aircraft. The hump that was created by the first deck/ top most deck went on to become the icon for airplanes and travel in the world. According to the typical three class modification the aircraft was able to seat about 416 passengers. At the time of the launch the critics established that the aircraft would become obsolete after sales of 400 units would be sold, however the 747 was able to prove them wrong and is still popular today. However due to the aging of the aircrafts and the technological changes taken place in the environment, the 747-400 is being closed down and another variant/ model the 747-8 is being launched instead. This model is due to take flight in 2009.

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