Sample Essay

The need for a larger jet liner for both cargo and passenger transport was established in the 1960s as a result of increased commercial traffic taking to the air. While other companies were still identifying the trend, Boeing went Ito the development phase as it had already conducted a research and had made a proposal for a cargo carrier for the US Air Force which has been rejected. The Boeing Corporation as a result used the same plans but changes them slightly to make them adaptable to the current market trend and facilitate a passenger carrier.

The Boeing 747 went into the design phase in 1965, when Joe Sutter became the chief designer for the project. The other team members from the 737 project development team were then trained and sent to the 747 project whereby they formed the project development and management team for the 747 project. The original design for the aircraft was to be a double decker plane with a lager elongated fuselage which could sit rows of3-2-3in the plane. However in the end a wider lower deck and a smaller upper deck went into production.

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