Sample Essay

This memo attempts to highlight the issue of lack of humanistic perspective in accident reporting in the media. An article by Dragga and Voss has been discussed, and the recent case of ‘Hit & Run’ inHartfordhas been taken into account as well. The problem of objectivity adopted by accident reporters and the decreasing moral fiber in the general public is discussed, and solutions are proposed for rectifying the identified problems.

It has been observed that the value of human life has decreased over the past few years. An article by Dragga and Voss provides insight into subject of loss of humanity and humanistic perspective in accident based reporting. The article points out how technical jargon and the accident itself is given more importance that the people who are injured or suffer fatalities as a result of the accident. The article by Dragga and Voss stated that NTSB accident reports tend to deprive the public from their identity due to the method in which the reporting is conducted and presented to the audience. This highlights the ethical problem of misrepresentation and distortion of facts and information which is equivalent to lying or not telling the truth to the public. Therefore the limited perspective of the objectivity and impartiality has to be changed into a more humanistic perspective.

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