Sample Essay

There are multiple ways through which the problems of objectivity and impartiality adopted by these reporting accidents as well as the decreasing moral duties and responsibilities of the general public can be tackled. The humanistic perspective can be increased in the reporting of accidents by providing fatality and injury counts according to the demographics of the casualties of the accident. Moreover additional information on the people who are suffering or effected as a result of the accident can also be provided to the audience through adoption of a less partial attitude. A simple graph and tables can be provided to comprehensively depict the kind of casualty, the origin of the injured and dead as well as their specific demographics.

Social responsibility can be increased in the general public by initiating public awareness programs which highlight the plights of the unfortunate and those in need of aid and support.  These programs can be launched by the regional governments on a state as well as a city level. Active participation should be sought form the public in order to promote moral element in them.  In order to be more progressive it can also be made mandatory for high school students to attend these programs. Additional credit can be provided for attendance to the high school and college students.

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