Expectations:  I needed to know what governs the way an institution interacts with people living in the same locality. Are there regulations or does the institution decide on how to go about it? I needed to know the ethical and moral background behind this practice and how it is used to bring an institution under scrutiny by the people. I sought to understand how the presence of a company in a given locality benefits the locals.

Reflection: These two are governed by the respect for other people’s rights. Upon acknowledgement of the rights of others, ‘Kantanism’ comes in which dictates that an investor has obligations to fulfill his duties to others. Depending on how these duties are handled, ‘Utilitarianism’ arises. These are the positive or negative social consequences. All over the world, the banking sector has come under fire given that it pays hefty bonuses to its employees. Though this is an internal affair, the negative consequences spill over to the tax payers, turning them into cash cows. Criticism comes in that the banks have deviated from banking to trading.

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